Girls Out Loud Episode 6: Heated Discussions about Red Boxes

In this episode of the Girls Out Loud show, Maya and Cristina debate over the merits of the Apple press conference results, the upcoming Diane Sawyer interview of Mark Zuckerberg, the rise of Kindle book sales on Amazon, the elegance and style of Tumblr, and of course, the relative pros and cons of Redbox.

Apple posts iPhone 4 press conference video, ‘smartphone antenna performance’ page


Diane Sawyer to Interview Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg in an Exclusive Television Interview


Redbox Plots Web Strategy in Challenge to Netflix


E-Books Top Hardcovers at Amazon


Apple posts iPhone 4 press conference video, ‘smartphone antenna performance’ page


Tumblr Is On Fire. Now Over 6 Million Users, 1.5 Billion Pageviews A Month


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Girls Out Loud Episode 6

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*image by Flickr user Eddie Does Japan
  1. Kevin says:

    Love the show. I just found it on itunes about five days ago. It must have just came out because I found it in a top 10 on my iphone. Thanks to you girls, I also listen to Buzz Out Loud.

    Ok, now onto Redbox. I do love redbox because of the convenience. We have them all over in Upstate NY. They are usually in the market, which is great for me because I’m always running out to pick up milk or what not. The titles do bite at times and you really do have to wait for the better movies. I may have exaggerated there, 85% of the title just plain stink!!

    I would get a subscription to netflix, but I just don’t have the time to watch that many movies. I did have a subscription to blockbuster online, but that was just too much a month and I had to cut costs. I still have a BB card and like going to the store to look at the titles, but it just uses up to much time. Besides, we are down to only one BB in the area and it’s too far to travel when there is a redbox down the street.

    So, even though most of the titles are unwatchable, I really enjoy the convenience of Redox.

    Thanks for the show, keep up the good work.

    p.s. Redbox usually has a couple good kid movies too.

    • Kevin! What part of upstate NY are you from? I went to school there. Fond memories of VERY CHILLY times. :)

      Thanks for the comment! I am curious to hear what you think of the Blue boxes now— since you’re a Blockbuster fan, and they are now putting their name on boxes (I actually have one in my Safeway, for which I saw a LINE of people gathered in front of it the other night as I stopped in to grocery shop!) Have you gotten a blue box near you? Does it have better quality movies?

      Also, did you read about Netflix testing out online only subscriptions in the US for $8? How much would you say you spend on Redbox a month?

      • Kevin says:

        We live in Albany. Funny about the blue box. No we don’t have any of the blue boxes yet. In the summer I’ll probably get netflix. During the school year, I’m just too busy.

        p.s. It may get as low as 24 degrees tonight. You girls make me want to move to Palo Alto.

    • Also, Buzz out Loud rocks my socks! It means a lot to me that you would say “Love the show” to us— that’s what all the cool fans tell the BOL crew when they leave messages too! :D