Girls Out Loud Episode 10: Women in Tech… We Will Conquer That in Time Too

In Episode 10 of the Girls out Loud Show, Maya and Cristina talk about the issue that we’ve tried to avoid long enough on the show – the lack of women in the tech industry. There isn’t just one answer to the question ‘Why aren’t there more women in the tech industry?’ and we give you our complicated thoughts on the matter.We also talk about the ex-Paypal talent all throughout the tech industry, the possible Sykpe acquisition, and the ever looming death of Myspace (just to end it on a positive note). Take a listen!

Too Few Women In Tech? Stop Blaming The Men.

My Challenge to Michael Arrington & TechCrunch (Hint: it’s Not Hard)

Women in Tech: How Anonymity Contributes to the Problem

O’Brien: Considering The PayPal Mafia’s place in Silicon Valley history

Why Skype is perfect for Cisco

MySpace finally plugs into Facebook

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Girls Out Loud Episode 10

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*image by Flickr user cathredfern