Girls Out Loud Episode 12: Oh, the Ranting!

Episode 12 brought us to an ending with a hefty rant. Before we went wild, we talked about the super angel collusion madness reported by Techcrunch’s Michael Arrington along with Dave McClure and Fred Wilson’s responses. We then returned to a topic favorite, Facebook, to discuss the impending Facebook Phone and Zuckerberg’s $100M donation to New Jersey public schools. After discussing the Cuil failure, we finish off with a tirade on a University of Chicago Law School professor whining about having to live on $450K/year. Take a listen!

So a Blogger Walks Into a Bar

Fire in the Valley, Fire in My Belly… And Yes, Mike, I Have Stopped Beating My Wife

Interview With Mark Zuckerberg On The “Facebook Phone”

Friended for $100 Million

Cuil Goes Down, And We Hear It’s Down For Good

Pity the Poor Couple Who Make $450,000 Per Year (Yet Another Failure of Our ‘Elite’ Educational System)

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Girls Out Loud Episode 12

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*image by Flickr user huffmans