Girls Out Loud Episode 16: Where Farmville Makes us Depressed and Tongue Tied

No farmville! This week on Girls Out Loud, Maya and Cristina marvel over several things in both positive and negative ways; we marvel positively that Google is offering personal servants as a perk to its employees, about some awesome apps in GoogleTV, and what big news Facebook Places Deals are, if they are real. Some very un-positive marveling comes at the mention of the horrifying story of the Zynga obsessed young mom who killed her baby for interrupting Farmville, and Digg’s ironic use of its own platform to fake-Digg news items. … Continue Reading


Girls Out Loud Episode 15: Twitter Infamy and No Money Back Guarantees

In Episode 15, Maya and Cristina discuss the earnings calls of the largest public tech companies including Google, Yahoo and most interestingly, Apple. While Steve Jobs contributed to the never-ending Google-Apple pissing match, the Apple stock suffered by consequence. The girls also discuss their never-ending Facebook obsession with the latest privacy breach and our endless Twitter shouts that seem to go ignored. … Continue Reading


Girls Out Loud Episode 14: Self-Driven, Promiscuous Cars with Sensors

In Episode 14, Maya and Cristina get caught up in the wonders of the amazing technological advances being made daily by the smartest folks on earth, including Google and the development and reveal of self-driven cars (140,000 miles already driven, people!) and a world where everything was monitored by extremely sensitive sensors that would be aware of things…way before we could ever be. … Continue Reading


Girls Out Loud Episode 13: Military Tech Dorks