Girls Out Loud Episode 14: Self-Driven, Promiscuous Cars with Sensors

In Episode 14, Maya and Cristina get caught up in the wonders of the amazing technological advances being made daily by the smartest folks on earth, including Google and the development and reveal of self-driven cars (140,000 miles already driven, people!) and a world where everything was monitored by extremely sensitive sensors that would be aware of things…way before we could ever be. In addition, Cristina and Maya debate the implications of promiscuous Duke alumna Karen Owens faux-thesis, as well as discuss this weeks Facebook outlining of it’s Bing partnership.

Microsoft’s Facebook stake: Maybe not so crazy

Google: What We’re Driving At

Karen Owen PowerPoint: Duke University Student’s Sex Thesis Poses Question Of Double Standard

How a Physically Aware Internet Will Change the World

*image by Flickr user frogDNA