Girls Out Loud Episode 20: Kids these Days!

This week on the Girls Out Loud, Maya and Cristina discuss the news on a pretty slow news week– Happy Thanksgiving, y’all! We do marvel over our country’s tech savvy greedy youth (or ARE they?), whether Groupon’s next move should be to take money or to sell to Google, the new Netflix stream only plan, and the funky way Facebook censored out all mentions of Lamebook on their site for a few hours and we all thought that was quite distasteful of them. And did we mention happy turkey day? :) … Continue Reading


Girls Out Loud Episode 19: Where We’re Pretty Much Unsurprised…


Girls Out Loud Episode 18: Meanhead Tech Pundits SUCK

This week on the Girls Out Loud Show, get ready for a new voice on set! Cristina couldn’t record a show so Maya got her friend Jenn to fill in, and we’re in for a treat! Maya and Jenn got emotional over John C Dvorak’s brash outpourings about Google, were ashamed for Digg when they’re not ashamed of themselves, questioned the Twitter+Ping partnership, pondered the rise of our tablet society, and cheered on streaming music over downloads. The more girls, the merrier!

… Continue Reading


Girls Out Loud Episode 17: Incentives and Topless Female Inequality

In Episode 17, Maya and Cristina explore the difficult question of male and female equality, at least as it relates to a proposition passed in Massachusetts to legalize the ability for women to walk around outside, topless, as men do. Additionally fascinating topics are the not so new and hardly revolutionary holographic developments, Google’s mistakes both in products and in management structures, Facebook’s latest product release (per usual) and Peter Thiel funding research about immortality. A great week for dorky news! … Continue Reading