Girls Out Loud Episode 33: We’re about a WEEK away from Hoverboards and Anti-Gravity!

This week on the Girls Out Loud Show, Maya and Cristina wile out over the potential new discovery of anti-gravity…or, more accurately, Maya dorks out while Cristina chuckles in the background. Additional topics of conversation include Twitters acquisition of Tweetdeck, Chinese Facebook competitor RenRen’s INSANE valuation, and of course, the role of social media in the news of Osama Bin Laden’s capture and death. Fascinating stuff, if we can say so ourselves!






  1. Anonymous says:

    You’re starting to repeat yourselves. This is 32 all over again.

  2. DUDE! I just realized that I completely by accident saved the same file twice. It was actually a repeat, not just us being repetitive and talking about the same things…I updated the file to be the CORRECT one! (Yes, we did record a 33!)

    So sorry for the confusion!