Girls Out Loud Episode 34: Where Maya invests her savings in Virtual Currency

This week on Girls Out Loud, we get giddy over virtual currency craze Bitcoin (or Maya does, while Cristina remains skeptical.) We also discuss the inevitable truth that Netflix is finally the largest source of internet traffic in North America, the upgraded piracy bill turning the “streaming” of copyrighted content into a felony, and the coalition of the biggest tech players in the Valley to fight the proposed California social network privacy bill. Listen for more!

Also, HUGE apologies for apparently saving the same sound file TWICE, once as Episode 32 (which it was) and once as 33. Does that mean nobody heard 33? The post has been updated with the correct file, thanks so much to the¬†anonymous¬†commenter who pointed out that we were “repeating” ourselves…literally.






  1. Stephen G says:

    Ah … the audio cut out at about 38:00