Meet the Girls

The Girls Out Loud Show is a weekly tech news podcast hosted by two young Silicon Valley geeks of the female persuasion. Both girls work full time at exciting tech startups and spend their free time nerding out together over the latest gossip, news, announcements, and rumors circulating through the tech world.

Maya is an east coast transplant to the Bay Area. She grew up in New York City, went to college at Cornell University where she earned a degree in Applied Economics and Management, and relocated to NorCal upon graduation to work for IBM, within their consulting services division. Itching to more deeply involve her career in the Silicon Valley world she was getting to know and loved, she began looking for a position at an exciting tech startup where she could put her enthusiasm for social media and tech geekery to work. She has since found it as the Community  Manager at Wildfire Interactive, and can be found hanging out in downtown Palo Alto most days, eating too much Pizza my Heart.

For more about Maya, follow her on Twitter or email her at maya[at]

Cristina currently heads business development at Alphonso Labs, which develops iPhone, iPad and Android applications including Pulse News Reader which has been #1 on the App Store many times over. She previously worked at Google and at Tapulous, a mobile gaming startup recently acquired by Disney Mobile. Cristina graduated from Stanford University with honors. She is originally from Los Angeles but now lives in Mountain View, California.

For more about Cristina, see her Twitter or email her at cristina[at]