Girls Out Loud Episode 28: Where Maya is the Devil’s Advocate

This week on Girls Out Loud, Maya and Cristina naturally took up opposite sides of the ring during the discussion, and it seems like Maya favors the Devil (where the Devil is the larger companies often on the funky side of these media stories.) Check out the show for the girls take on a new Apple patent for “Places,” Facebook’s revamped (again) privacy policy, the sudden shut down of Breakup Notifier, and the Semantic Web (or how Google Recipe search is the bomb-diggity!) … Continue Reading


Girls Out Loud Episode 27: Where We Aspire to One Day Be Among the Silicon Valley Roundtable Elite

This week on Girls Out Loud, Cristina and Maya speculated some reasons President Obama might have had to have a dinner at John Doerr’s house with the most elite leaders in Silicon Valley (and wished they could have been there.) Additionally, the girls discuss the shutdown of UberTwitter and Twitdroyd for violations of Twitters API, the real inside story of a retail Apple store employee, and the coolest AI machine ever, IBM’s Watson. … Continue Reading


Girls Out Loud 26: Where Maya Has No Voice But Talks Anyway

This week in Girls Out Loud, Maya has completely lost her voice…well, almost completely. We decided it would be a good idea to get a show in before it completely left my body. This week we discuss the inflationary tech bubble, Twitter potentially being sold to Google, the new Facebook phone (meh), and potentially cheaper iPhone models. … Continue Reading


Girls Out Loud Episode 25: Google and Bing are Big Fat Babies

In this episode of the Girls Out Loud Show, Maya and Cristina express their surprise at the childish back and forth between Google and Bing over who’s stealing whose search results, discuss the opening of the Android App Market, the debut of “the Daily”, Rupert Murdoch’s big iPad app, and the attempted Google acquisition of Path…to which they said NO THANKS! Are you kidding, dudes? … Continue Reading


Girls Out Loud Episode 24: War Games, like the movie


Girls Out Loud Episode 23: Where we Deeply Explore Facebook Ads

This week on the Girls Out Loud show, Maya and Cristina discuss that whopping $50B Facebook valuation due to the new Goldman Sachs investment. Somehow it evolves into a discussion about Facebook ads, something Maya works with every day. Needless to say, there could be some improvements made. We then discuss the Consumer Electronics Show taking place in Vegas to see if it’s really as great as it once was. Brand new Apple iPad 2 casing was shown off at the event which seems to be the only highlight we could spot. The Mac App Store was released this week to many awaiting fans, some of whom were disappointed in the new model for desktop software. Take a listen and enjoy the show! … Continue Reading


Girls Out Loud Episode 22: Top Trends of 2010

This week on the Girls Out Loud show, Maya and Cristina enjoy chatting about what seem to be the years biggest trending topics, at least as defined by Twitter. Yes, Justin Bieber was on the list. So were Vuvuzelas. While on the topic of trends, we also thought through which buzzwords were overused on LinkedIn, and how it might be possible (or not) to have a job search profile without them. Happy Holidays everyone! Remember, we really want to hear your comments about the show, a year in reflection (or, just a small part of 2010, really.) We’d love to hear suggestions about how to change it, what improvements to make, etc. Thanks so much for listening, what a great holiday gift from you guys to us!

… Continue Reading


Girls Out Loud Episode 21: The Shopping Wars

This week on the Girls Out Loud Show, Maya and Cristina discuss all the huge deals breaking this week– Amazon’s hefty investment in LivingSocial, eBay’s acquisition of Milo.com, and Google’s rumored $6 Billion bid for Groupon. Additionally making the rounds is Google’s quick and excellent response to a misbehaving merchant who gamed its page ranking algorithm by mistreating customers on purpose, and of course…NASA’s discovery of a new life form! That’s HUGE! Life-altering…literally! … Continue Reading

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